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for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Preliminary Meeting Set Up Fee   FREE
Pet Sitting Basic Visit
30 minutes
Feed, water, exercise
drapes, lights and plants if requested
$17 one visit
$34 two visits
$50 three visits
$70 four visits
Pet Sitting Additional Time
For time above a Basic Visit,
only in 30 minutes increments
$10 additional per visit
Overnight Stays
My arrival time will be between 7 pm and 10 pm, and typically leave between 7 am and 8:30 am the next morning.  During that time I can feed, exercise and give lots of attention to your pets.  I can not "house sit all day" due to obligations to my other clients, but for an extra fee I can schedule a mid-day visit in between the overnight stays.
$65 a night
$17 mid-day visit
Dog Walking
Keep your pet healthy by providing the exercise he needs.  I can walk your pet on a daily basis.
30 Minute Walk:  $20.00
1 Hour Walk:  $38.00
Holiday Fees
An additional fee of $10 per visit will be added to the normal fee for the following Holiday days:
  New Years Days
  Memorial Day
  Fourth of July
  Labor Day
  Halloween Day
  Thanksgiving Day
  Christmas Eve Day
  Christmas Day
$27 one visit
$54 two visits
$80 three visits
$110 four visits
Mileage Fee
The first 10 miles are free.  If you are
over 10 miles from my office, a charge of $1.00/mile is added to each one-way trip to your home.
$1.00 per mile

Additional Set Up Meeting
If you request an additional meeting at your home for new animal care, plant or home security instructions.

House Keys
I recommend that you let me retain
your house key for future services.  You can enjoy the comfort of knowing that if an emergency arises (working late, emergency room visit, iron or stove left on) I would be more than happy to help you out.




  Holding your key
  Key Pick-up after Initial Meeting
  Key Mailing
  Locksmith Requirement
  No Charge
$75.00 plus the locksmith's fee

Serving Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land
Sherrie Roberts  (281) 342-9698