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Visiting Times
I allow a two-hour interval of time for arriving to each client's home.  I aim to schedule my arrival at your home based on your pet's normal "potty break" or feeding time.

     Morning visits are between 6 am and 9 am
     Mid-day visits are between 11 am and 2 pm
     Evening visits are between 4 pm and 6 pm

These times are in place to allow me to address any unavoidable or unpredictable circumstances that may arise at another client's home and/or difficulty in travel.

Special Requests
Please do not surprise your Pet Sitter with a special request on the first day.  I provide great flexibility to my clients, however, please give advance notice for special requests.

Household Pet Supplies
If you prefer that I use your household supplies, just let me know.  However, I can provide my own if necessary.  I prefer that my clients leave enough pet supplies (food, litter, treats).  I don't mind "running to the store" if you don't mind the additional charge for cost, time and mileage.

Returning Home Late/Early
There will be times when you are unexpectedly delayed, or return earlier than you anticipated.  Please be sure to call me in either case.  If you are delayed, I will continue my services until you do arrive home and will adjust your bill accordingly.

Emergency Contacts/New Locks/code
Make sure that when you submit your on-line reservation form that you note any changes to your emergency contact and/or new locks/codes.

Job Sharing with Family/Friends
Due to liability concerns, the safety of your home and pets, plus the safety of my staff, I cannot job share with your family or friends.

Guests Staying in your Home
I decline to provide pet sitting services if you have family or guests staying in your home while you are away.

Third Party Entering Your Home
I provide my clients with the security of knowing that I am insured and take responsibility for your home and pets while you are away.   Therefore, I cannot allow third parties to enter your home while I am caring for your pets and securing your home.  Third parties entering your home can breach this security, making it impossible to know where the liability falls if doors are left unlocked, or items are broken or missing.

Doggie Doors
During my contracted time, I will disable doggie doors for security purposes.  If you have "seniors" or "very junior" pets, I will offer a schedule which fits with their needs.

Unlocked Households
On occasions a new client has said that their back door remains open for their pets' access to the yard.  Not only is this unsafe for my Pet Sitter, but the client will not be covered by my  insurance policy.  I require that upon the pet sitter's arrival at the client's home, it is totally secured. This approach will continue to be followed throughout my pet sitting contract.

Leaving Non-Contracted Animals
I cannot care for non-contracted pets at your home during the service contract.   I am only contracted to care for your pets.  If there is a non-contracted pet left without previous notice, I will take the pet to a kennel of my choice and board the pet.  It is then the owner's responsibility to pick up the pet and pay the boarding fee.  There will also be a $50 service charge added to the client's bill due to this situation.  It is up to the client to obtain reimbursement from the non-contracted owner.

Temperature/Thunderstorm Plan
If your pet is housed outside 24 hours a day, I will not leave your pet outside in extreme temperatures.  When you contract with me, I will establish an alternate plan in the event that the temperature goes over 95 degrees or below 40 degrees.

Natural Disaster/Bad Weather
I strongly advise that one of your emergency contacts is a close-by neighbor in the event that I cannot get to your home quickly.  I will go beyond expectations to procure your pets and take them to a secure safe area. 

Serving Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land
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